Battling Your Bulge with Matt Iseman & Matt Rogers

How much of a factor is age when trying to lose weight?
As you age, your muscle mass diminishes and your resting metabolic rate slows so you lose strength. With this loss of strength, it's natural to reduce your activity because you feel more sluggish and the cycle continues. This is why your calorie requirements decrease as you age, making weight gain easier and weight loss more difficult than in the past. Losing weight is still that simple equation: eat less and exercise more. Weight loss is about burning more calories than you take in.

What are some tips for maintaining his new, low weight?
There are some basic, universal tips that will help anyone lose weight faster, but are also good habits to adopt for your everyday life, diet or not.

  • Drink Water: It fills you up and being thirsty can often be confused for being hungry. Water also gives you a sensation of being full.
  • Don't eat late (past 8 p.m.) at night and breakfast.
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently: Don't wait until you're hungry or ravenous to eat because you tend to eat more and make bad choices. I suggest having a protein smoothie before you go out to eat. NEVER go into a meal actually hungry.
  • Have healthy snacks such as almonds, carrot sticks, or fruit lying around. It makes it easier to make good choices in the moment.

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