Baby Product Safety with Jill Simonian

Helpful Hints on Baby Product Shopping Strategy:
1. Pretend you don't know the gender of the baby and go from there... get basics what you will USE and NEED to get you through the first YEAR. I know moms who found out they were having a girl, bought ALL the frilly bedding, blankets, clothes... then didn't even have what they actually NEEDED when the baby got here. Be smarter than that.

2. You DON'T need frills like: bottle sterilizer (my husband is pediatric plastic surgeon: he says washing bottles in hot soapy water gets them just as clean), baby wipe warmers...

3. New moms must be honest with themselves: Are you really going to make your own baby food? Some do and will... but are YOU that mom? If not, don't waste your resources/registry on a baby food-maker. It will just take up space and you'll be annoyed later.

Helpful Hints on Recalls:
1. Honestly, there really isn't a "way" to avoid products that might be recalled.
a. Products are recalled for a variety of reasons.
b. Opt to buy simple products from a reputable brand,
c. Read instructions and pay attention to how it works (also, be aware with your baby/child... never leave a kid alone too long).

2. Best way to be alerted is:
a. Most Products: Consumer Product Safety Commission (,
b. Medicine and Cosmetics: Food and Drug Administration (,
c. Car Seats - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (
d. PLUS follow parenting websites on Twitter
i. BabyCenter, Parents Magazine - are always tweeting alerts and list detailed product numbers and instructions on site should you think you have a recalled product.
ii. Register your products with their manufacturer. They will wend out alerts.
iii. Ask your pediatrician's office if they send recall updates as well (some do).

Car Seat:
1. 5-point harness
a. There have been studies that determined that a 5-point harness is the safest, as it reduces the chance of ejection.

2. Two-piece chest clips.
a. They make is more difficult for your child to unlatch the straps. They are also less likely to get twisted.

3. Anti-rebound bar.
a. Stability of seat after installation is multiplies when there is an Anti-rebound bar. The bar also reduces the rebound effect of the rear-facing seat into the vehicle seat.

4. Head impact protection.
a. Most car seats use something called EPS foam, or a comparable material, to line the seat around the head. It’s the same material used in bicycle helmets. It helps improve safety with an array of impacts from frontal, to side, to rear.

Crib slats 2 ⅜ " apart.
a. Anything more risks body parts getting wedged in the slats.

2. Crib mattresses must be firm.
a. Soft mattresses risk smothering. You risk smothering if the mattress fits more than two fingers width away from the crib slats.

3. Check stability
a. Gently shake the crib to check for loose assembly.
b. Rotate each crib slat to check if they are secure.

Products You Didn’t Know You’d Need:
Onesies (in variety & sizes to get you through 1st year)
2. Nursing essentials and/or bottles (8 suggested) with nipples that are slow-, medium- and fast-flow (as baby progresses during 1st year)
3. Diapers (range of sizes to make your life easier during growth spurts)
4. 2-3 items to put the baby "in" during day (floor gym, rocking chair, play yard w/ mobile)

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