At Home With Our Family - Shirley Bovshow's DIY Herb Tower

Shirley shares how to create a space-saving, vertical herb tower.


  • Plant dolly with casters so you can spin your "living spice rack!"
  • Coco coir planter liner
  • Potting soil
  • Assorted 4" inch potted herbs and greens
  • Green velcro ties
At Home With Our Family - Shirley Bovshow’s DIY Herb Tower - Home & Family

Create a space-saving, vertical herb tower using sturdy, repurposed wood or metal tomato cages as the support structure! No construction is necessary!

Shirley designed this "instant" vertical garden to maximize growing space in a small 2' feet by 2 feet area. Most tomato support structures have anywhere from 9 to 12 openings that you can fill with delicious hanging herb baskets! Let's get started!


  • Select a plant dolly with casters so that you can spin the herb tower and have all the baskets receive even sun exposure. Select a plant dolly that is rated for heavy containers and has a platform large enough to sit the planter securely. Consider your herb tower a "Living Spice Rack" that spins just like a kitchen spice rack!

  • As an alternative, you can use a sturdy galvanized metal tomato cage and place it inside a large, round container. Make sure to select a tomato cage that has openings large enough to nest the metal planter baskets into. The baskets should fit snug even before you secure them with velcro.

  • After inserting the tomato structure in the container, fill the large container with soil and plant herbs and flowers.


  1. Place a large container on top of a sturdy plant dolly with caster wheels.
  2. Fill the planter with potting soil and insert the tomato support structure making sure to sit it deeply into the container.
  3. Add colorful plants or herbs to the large container.
  4. Attach the metal planter baskets, (that are lined with coco coir), to the structure openings using strong velcro tape.
  5. Fill the baskets with potting soil and mist the coco coir and soil so they feel damp but not saturated.
  6. Plant each basket with at least three, 4"-inch potted herb plants. You can also plant flowers or greens.
  7. Plant a colorful basket at the top of the tower for a beautiful decorative look.


  • Spin the herb tower once a week so that all the baskets get even sun exposure.
  • Water the hanging baskets as needed when the soil begins to feel dry to the touch.
  • Harvest your herbs and greens, taking no more than a third of each plant at any one time.

Enjoy your living, spinning, herb tower and get growing in a small space!

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