At Home With Our Family - Paige Hemmis DIY BFF Mugs

Paige Hemmis and her best friend Ameka are showing you how to make DIY BFF Mugs.


  • Blank ceramic mugs
  • Alcohol wipes (or rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab)
  • Oil-based markers
  • Oven
  • Paper
At Home With Our Family - DIY BFF Mugs - Home & Family

Whether you’re sharing coffee or tea in person or apart, Paige and her best friend Ameka share how to make your own fun and creative DIY Best Friend Mugs!


• Start by choosing what you want to design on your mug.

• Take your paper and after shaking your markers, blot them on paper to bring the paint to the tip. Then draw out your design on the paper to play around until you know exactly what you want to put on your mug.

• Once your design is set, it’s time to put it on your mug!

• If you make any stray lines or want to adjust anything, that’s where the alcohol wipes come in to erase anything you may want to remove.

• With your main message done, have fun getting creative and adding your own personal touch!

Option: Instead of a design, you can always give a little love note to your bestie on the mug.

• Let your mug air dry for 72 hours then place it in a cold oven and turn it up to 400 degrees. Let it bake for about an hour. Then let it cool down in the oven, leaving it there for at least an hour or preferably, overnight.

• Please note, that the colors may deepen after coming out of the oven.

• Now they’re ready to sip and enjoy!

Note: Do not wash in a dishwasher, hand wash.

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