At Home With Our Family - Orly Shani's DIY Mercury Glass

Orly Shani is sharing how to create your own DIY vintage mirrors.


  • Glass & frame, any other glass objects you may find around your home like a vase and picture frame
  • Painters Tape
  • Mirror-effect paint spray
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Dry erase markers
At Home With Our Family - DIY Mercury Glass - Home & Family


  • Spray mirrored paint spray on the backside of glass. Do a light coat first.

  • While the back is still wet, spritz with vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle.

  • Repeat these steps for a second coat.

  • Set aside to dry and then get started on any other objects.

  • For the vase & frame, use the tape on the outer edges on the opposite side of what you’re painting so it shines through at the end.

  • Repeat the two coats of mirror-effect and the water/vinegar mixture. Then let dry.

  • Once the glass is dry, take the backing of the frame & flip it so it's darker side up. This will help make the silver pop.

  • Take you paint pens, and stencil if needed, and create your lettering a design.

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