At Home With Our Family - Orly's DIY Hair Scrunchies

Orly Shani shares DIY Hair Scrunchies at home.


  • Scrap fabric cut into 1.5” or 2” x 20-inch strips
  • ¼” elastic - one 6”-8” piece
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Safety pins
  • Sewing machine
At Home With Our Family - Orly Shani DIY Hair Scrunchies - Home & Family


1. Use silk or satin fabric scrap

2. Cut strip

3. Fold over with right sides together

4. Sew a straight seam along edge of folded fabric

5. Attach safety pin to one end of sewn tube

6. Pull safety pin back through tube, turning fabric back to right side out

7. Attach safety pin to elastic

8. Thread elastic through tube

9. Secure elastic ends together by sewing them

10. Use zig-zag stitch on machine to make it extra secure

11. Turn one end of fabric tube under ¼”

12. Slide other end of tube into folded end

13. Sew across ends to close tube

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