At Home With Our Family - Maria’s Christmas Tea Towels

Maria Provenzano is celebrating Christmas in July with her DIY Ornament and Christmas Lights Tea Towels.


  • White tea towels
  • Fabric markers
  • Fabric paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Circle Cookie cutter
At Home With Our Family - Christmas Tea Towels - Home & Family


Place the tea towels onto a covered surface.
TIP: Iron the tea towels before you decorate them.

Christmas Light Tea Towels:

1. Use the black paint pen to draw swirly lines onto the tea towel.

2. Use the other colored paint pens to add small dots onto the line to look like lights.

Christmas Ornament Tea Towels:

1. Dip the circle cookie-cutter into the fabric paint.

2. Stamp the circle onto the tea towel where you would like the ornaments to go.

3. Use whichever colors you like!

4. Use a paintbrush to fill in the circles.

5. Use a smaller paintbrush to paint the top part of the ornament.
TIP: Silver or gold paint is good for the top of the ornament.

6. Use the black paint pen to trace the top of the ornament if you like.

7. Add any other additional details you like and allow to dry completely.
TIP: Be sure to remove the towel from the covered surface so you don’t risk it sticking to the surface.

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