At Home With Our Family - Larissa's Guide to Taking Dog Pix

Larissa shows how to take the perfect pic of your pups.

1. Always elevate your dogs when trying to get a photo. This way, they are somewhat self-contained and can’t immediately scurry off—giving you a few extra seconds to snap away!

2. Have a variety of noise makers to get their attention! I have a bird call that i ordered online, a squeeky ball and of course treats! Switch them up so they don’t get bored.

3. If you’re taking your photos on an iPhone, you can hold down the main photo button and it will continuously take shots. You can then go through all the shots and choose which one you like best!

4. Make sure to keep your photo sessions short. Five or so minutes and then take a break. You might have to try it a few times to develop the sweet spot for you and your pups…but shorter sessions are way more efficient than longer ones!

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