At Home With Our Family - Kym's Morning Beauty Routine

Kym Douglas is sharing her daily skin care routine and her secrets to looking so great!
At Home With Our Family - Kym’s Morning Beauty Routine - Home & Family

Have you ever looked in your beauty cabinet and thought, “What goes on when?” I do it all the time and I am a beauty expert!!!!! Here is the rundown on the order you should put your skincare on so that it ensures your skin receives the full benefit of each product.

#1. Cleanser: I use a spray first on my face by Averr Aglow it loosens up the dirt and debris from the day or night of sweating and sleeping. I do a total of 10 sprays on face and neck. Follow it with the liquid cleanser using a cotton pad to remove all deep set in make up and sweat.

#2. Toner or Boosters: I use a toner to tighten my pores and go around the edges of my nose and T zone to absorb any extra oil.

#3. Serum: I use Retrouve serum it is pricey but its great for your skin and super hydrating especially great for over 30 skin.

#4. Eye Cream: This is the most important product on my beauty battlefield. Not only is it an important must-have to hydrate and moisturize the fine skin under the eyes because, it’s the first place that shows aging so keeping it moisturized and dewy it essential to looking youthful. I love the coffee (its my morning coffee) bean caffeine eye cream by 100% Pure it smells A-mazing and works and its clean beauty.

#5. Moisturizer: I use a moisturizer that is very dewy and rub it together in my hands first before applying to the face. I use Avver glow as well.

#6. Facial oil should go on after the moisturizer, which is not commonly known. I love Codex Beauty its a light but very powerful superfood oil all natural and I rub it in my hands and tap it on the drier parts of my face and neck and chest.

#7. A night-time moisturizer with vitamin C. I love to put this on in the morning and night it is so good for evening out the skin tone and helping rid fine lines and wrinkles. My favorite that I use is by Teami.

#8. Now its time to put on your SPF and face the day beautifully.

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