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At Home with Our Family - Hidden Message Pillow

At Home with Our Family - Hidden Message Pillow

Orly Shani shares how to make beautiful pillows with hidden messages.
  • 1 yard of reversible sequin fabric
  • Fabric paint in 2 colors
  • Paint brush
  • Paper to create heart pattern


  • Measure your pillow Insert and Cut your fabric to that measurement.

  • Fold fabric in half and sew side seams shut.

  • Place pillow inside and sew closed the opening.

  • Place you heart stencil on the pillow and paint an outline.

  • Fill in the heart with paint.

  • Be sure to paint in feather like, downward strokes so that the paint does not go to the other side of the sequin.

  • Apply a second coat for more saturated color.

  • Once that’s dry paint on your word, following the same technique

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