At Home With Our Family - Fourth of July Pet Safety

Larissa Wohl shares ways to help keep your pets safe this 4th of July.
At Home With Our Family - Fourth of July Pet Safety - Home & Family

As much as we humans love celebrating Independence Day, our furry friends don't feel the same! In fact, July 5th is one of the busiest days at animal shelters across the country because thousands of animals escape their homes during parties and firework celebrations on the 4th. For pets, the sound of fireworks is extremely frightening.

While you can't always control your neighborhood and what festivities they hold, there are steps you can take to keep your pets safe and secure.

1. Make sure their collar and tag are securely attached at all times. I, personally, like to include my dogs first name and my last name and phone number. I also always add "medical alert" to their tags to add a sense of urgency if someone finds my dog.

2. Make sure their microchip is working and the contact information is up to date. You can have any veterinarian or shelter painlessly scan your pet to make sure the microchip registers. Then you can go online and make sure that your contact information is up to date.

3. If you're having people over, make sure to keep your animals in a safe place. If you want to include your animals in the festivities, make sure everyone is aware to keep eyes on the pets. Don't let gates or doors stay open and be extra cautious around food commonly found during summertime gatherings. Items like grapes, onions, chocolate and toothpicks/skewers can cause dogs harm.

4. If you're leaving your pets at home, make sure to close all doors and windows. Leave noise for them so that they're distracted from outdoor activities. A fan, radio, tv or noise machine are great options!

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