At Home With Our Family - Cameron Mathison's DIY Fountain Garden

Cameron Mathison and his family transform a fountain in their garden.


  • Fountain
  • Succulents
  • Cactus Mix Soil
  • Pea gravel or any other gravel that the store recommends Cactus Mix Soil
  • Landscape Fabric
At Home With Our Family - Cameron’s DIY Fountain Garden - Home & Family


1. Drill holes 6-8” apart in bottom of fountain for drainage. The holes drilled should be between ¼ to ½’ large.

2. Fill the fountain with 2-3” of gravel.

3. Cover gravel with landscape fabric so the soil won’t go through to the gravel.

4. Pour about half of the succulent soil on top of the landscape fabric, and then add water to pat down soil a little.

5. Pour more soil to almost top of fountain edge.

6. Arrange succulents in fountain still in their pots to see how plants will look visually; arranging so that there is a nice combination of color, shape and texture of plants side by side.

7. Remove succulents from pots and plant in soil.

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