At Home With Our Family - Ali's DIY Cardboard Airplane

A simple DIY that takes minutes to make and will entertain your kids for hours!


  • Tape - clear package tape works best
  • Scissors
  • Paint / crayons for you kids to decorate it
At Home With Our Family - Ali Manno DIY Airplane - Home & Family


1. Take the biggest sides of the box at the top and fold them in.

2. Then take the front flap (this will be the front of your plane) and fold it back.

3. Trace the front flap onto the two flaps underneath using a pencil.

4. Cut down the pencil line and remove the back half of the cardboard from the bottom flaps. Keep the pieces that you cut off – do not throw away.

5. Cut off the back flap and save it.

6. Tape the front flap of the box and the remaining two larger half flaps that are remaining together. 

7. Cut off all the flaps on the bottom of the box.

8. You can cut windows in your plane now, but I skipped that step.

9. Use the long flaps from the bottom of your box (that you already cut off), and use those to make the wings. Cut out a small rectangle on notches on one side of your wing, so that way you can stick it into the plane. Do this for both wings.

10. Hold up the notched side of the wing to the side of the box and trace it so you know how big of a hole to cut.

11. Cut along that hole, and then insert the wing notch. Bend it and tape it down on the inside

12. Grab the leftover pieces that you cut from the top of the box flap and cut off two corners on the same side. These are the propellers.

13. Tape propellers together!

14. With a remaining piece of extra cardboard, cut a circle for the front of the propeller. You can use a plate or bowl as a stencil. 

15. Then tape it to the front of your propellers in the middle.

16. Finally, either tape the propeller to the front or use a brad (if you have one) to secure.

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