At Home With Our Family - Ali's DIY Bunny & Teddy Bear Wash Cloths

Ali Manno welcomes you back to her home with an adorable DIY to help your little ones enjoy washing their hands!


  • Hair tie/rubber band
  • Washcloth
  • Ribbon


  • Hand towel
  • 3 hair ties/rubber bands (Two clear ones if possible)
  • Ribbon
At Home With Our Family - Ali Manno DIY Bunny & Teddy Bear Wash Cloths - Home & Family


1. Fold wash cloth and have to make a triangle.

2. Start from the longest side of the triangle and start creating a tight role until the entire washcloth is rolled up

3. Fold in half.

4. Fold in half again.

5. From the rounded end of your wash cloth put a rubber band/hair ties over it to create the head of the bunny.

6. Pull ears up to create the bunny ears.

7. Tie a ribbon around the hair tie/rubber band to hide it. And tie-in a bow.


1. Fold hand towel into thirds as if you were folding it to put it away. Then unfold 1/3.

2. Tightly roll up both sides of the hand towel until they meet in the middle.

3. Find the center of the towel where the thick side and the thinner side meet. Then twist it in half pulling up the thin side in front of the thick side. Leave 1 inch from the bottom of the thick side to where you pull up the thin side. You are creating the legs and the arms with this step.

4. Tie a rubber band around the top of the hand towel to create the head of the bear.

5. Finesse the hand towel to mold the head and shape the ears.

6. Tie the remaining two hair ties/rubber bands to secure the ears. If you have clear hair ties this works best for the steps so they blend in.

7. Tie a rubber around the neck of the teddy bear to hide that hair tie/rubber band and tie it in a bow.

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