Ask The Family- November 14th, 2014

The "Home & Family" Family Answers Questions from You!

Ask Mark Steines:
From Misty Lenand Kaufman: What is your favorite photoediting program?

Answer: Programs like Photoshop are great for graphic artists. For photographers, I recommend Lightroom and On One Software. Both have fantastically clear and intuitive user interfaces. On One Software is a stand-alone software or you can pair it with Lightroom. They are also non-destructive, which means that you can manipulate the image without damaging the original image file. Go onto On One Software's website and get the Perfect Photo Suite for their complete software package. There is a 30-day trial and at $139.99, the price is perfect for how much you get.

Ask Cristina Ferrare:
From Donna Lendach: Cristina, I loved your segment about preparing and freezing your Thanksgiving food in advance. I have a question about frost forming on the food. I make sure that my food is at room temperature and that there is no condensation on the freezer container before popping it in the freezer. However, I sometimes find frost has formed in the bag/container. Is this harmful? Can it be prevented?

Answer: Unfortunately there is no way to completely prevent frost on food. You can follow all preventative measures to keep outside moisture from getting in and to get as much air out of containers and bags as possible, but that's just the nature of food. There is a certain amount of water naturally in foods that will form frost. What you can do once you defrost is to take the bag out of the container before you open the bag to prevent the condensation from dripping back into the food.

Ask Kym Douglas:
From Janet Wohleber: You always have the best tips and advice. My question is, my hands have lots of wrinkles. They look like a 100-year-old hands. I do drink plenty of water. Any suggestions?

Answer: I always use Hand and Nail Balm and skin lightener to deal with sun spots. I love Seba Med. You can also use coconut oil. Every night coat your hands and wear gloves to bed.

Ask Paige Hemmis:
From Lacey G. Basse: We brought a house that is about 80-years-old and we want to take the wallpaper off. The only problem is they have a few layers of wallpaper. What would be the easiest way to take it all off?

Answer: Removing old wallpaper is tough. Most people will tell you to soak the wallpaper in water. For multiple layers of old wallpaper, I suggest buying industrial solvents, scoring the paper, and scraping it off. I'm not going to sugar coat it. This is going to be a tough job. Good luck!

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