Art Conn's Spring 2013 Trends

Trend 1: Leather / leather looking

Thin leather is the hottest trend for Spring. It can also just appear to have a leather quality/sheen. Typically thought of as a Fall/Winter material, pairing the thin leather with softer more vintage jewelry or lace also adds a more Spring element to it. Cut outs on the neck or hem also make the leather dress cool and chic.

Trend 2: Contrast

Black and white contrast is the hot combo for Spring. It can be a colorblock pattern, or a black bottom/ white top that makes a great addition to your Spring wardrobe. Look for the contrasting trim on the collar or sleeves as well.

Trend 3: Lace

Whether it's in a interesting color like green or grey (or both!) or in white, lace is everywhere. It's makes Spring the most romantic and classy season yet! Pairing with either colorful shoes or nude heels really makes the lace more contemporary and wearable. Lace can also be strategically placed on a dress to add dimension and sex appeal.

Trend 4: Sheer overlay

Illusion is the sexy way to show off skin without feeling too bare. It can be on the neck, arm or midriff. The sheer netting is a 90's throwback that still works today!

Trend 5: Florals/Colors

The easy go to for Spring fashion, florals and brighter colors like coral, blue and pink really pull you out of the winter doldrums and brighten everyone's day. Paired with a nude shoe/heel, it let's the color(s) pop while it still remains contemporary.

Trend 6: Short to Long/Embellishments

The short in front and long in the back skirts are here to stay. Buying them in fun colors allows a sense of whimsy and sass. They flow beautifully in the Spring air and can be worn casual (to the beach) or dressy (to a fun party). Embellishments at the neck or shoulders or dresses this season also show a sense of style and fun. It can be studs, rhinestones, or pearls that make an average dress a real stunner and allows for individual style expression.

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