April is National Distracted Driving Month

Below is a list of apps and computer programs you can install on your teen's phone to prevent dangerous texting and driving. When selecting an application, we recommend choosing one that allows the user to make 911 calls and call pre-approved (such as the parent's) phone numbers.

Cellcontrol: Uses a small, easy to install device inside the car to detect movement and stop the use of cell phones.

CellSafety: This application stops texting while driving, sends you speed alerts, creates no texting zones (such as at school), location history, and blocks unwanted websites and texts based on 11,000 potentially harmful terms and phrases. This free app sends text messages and emails using your voice and reads incoming messages out loud so you keep your hands off the phone and on the wheel.

iZUP: Holds texts, emails and phone calls while driving. Calls are sent to voice mail and text messages are delivered when the vehicle comes to a stop. Allows 911 calls and whitelist numbers.

Key2SafeDriving: Uses a small Activator to detect movement and puts phones in a "Safe Driving Mode" until the drive is stopped.

OTTER: Uses One Touch Text Response buttons, blocks cell phone use, and sends auto replies during pre-set times, such as rush hour or during the work day.

Sprint Drive First: Available to Sprint's Android users for a small monthly fee, this program locks the phone's screen, redirects calls, and blocks texts while the driver is in motion.

StopTxting: A free, downloadable application for Android phones that prevents sending or reading texts or emails.

Textecution: Disables text usage while driving. If your teen tries to disable or uninstall the application, you are notified.

T-Mobile's DriveSmart: A paid upgrade for T-Mobile customers that allows for the phone to be locked while the car is in motion.

tXtBlocker: Stops texting while driving and allows you to set up "No Cell Zones" that limit cell phone use based on specific locations and times.

Vlingo: Use voice commands to control your phone. Free with paid upgrades.

Software applications can only do so much to keep our teens safe. Don't forget to lead by example and talk to your teens about the dangers of driving distracted. For more information, visit

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