Tip 1: When you have proper posture and stand tall, you instantly look 10 lbs. thinner!

Tip 2: Go bold! If you have other flaws you want to distract from, go for brighter and more eye catching colors!

Tip 3: A nude peep toe will instantly give you the look of a longer leg because it blends in with your skin, making your legs appear longer and thus you appear taller and thinner.

Tip 4: If you aren't showing your leg, coordinate the color of your shoe with your pants for a monochromatic look. It will always make you look thinner from head to toe.

Tip 5: Remember, fall is just around the corner! Get a pair of boots that are a little looser on the calves!

Tip 6: Be careful with shoes that cut at the ankle. Especially shoes with ankle wraps. They can shorten your leg and make you look bigger than you actually are.

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