Anne-Marie Johnson's Lucky New Year's Plants

Lucky Bamboo (dracaena sanderana): Bamboo can grow directly in water or in very moist soil, but avoid using city tap water. You can place a bamboo plant in a semi deep container and support the plant with small stones. This is a plant used by those who practice feng shui because it is believed to enhance positive energy. Avoid direct sunlight. Use a well draining potting mixture. Bamboo loves moderate home temperatures of 65-75 ° .

Snake Plant (mother in-law tongue plant): The Snake plant is best for filtering formaldehyde from the air. These plants love being placed in the bathroom because of the humidity but can also be placed anywhere in the home. These are very tough houseplants. They need loose, well draining potting soil and are drought tolerant. Snake plants are also known as Good Luck or Lucky Plant.

How Can One Take Care Of This Plant?
These plants probably need a nice glass or ceramic container with no drainage holes. Plant them anywhere from 3 to 6 inches deep. They also need small natural stones to use to shore up the plant.

Which Plant Brings Money?

Jade Plant (crassula argentea): require well draining potting mix. They are drought tolerant and are also known as "The Money Plant". Established plants will produce a light pink bloom. Jade Plants are a very easy plant to care for and are believed to bring prosperity to the beholder. They need any nice decorative container/pot with drainage, and depending on the size of the plant, the pot should be large enough to allow plant to remain in the pot for a few years.

Money Tree (malabar chestnut): Money Tree's grow in bright or low light. They can handle being well watered or less watered. The five leaves of each branch symbolizes: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. They also symbolize good wealth and luck.

Which Plant Brings Health?

Lavender: Lavender grows really well inside. Select a pot 2-3 inches wider than the temporary pot as roots need room to stretch. use a well draining pot with a healthy potting soil mix. Water the plants lightly to keep soil moist but do not flood the plant. Place them in a bright sunny spot that is well ventilated. The Lavender fragrance is known for it's relaxing qualities and healing properties. Lavender oils have been used to sooth headaches and the fragrance is known to relax and reduce blood pressure.

Jasmine (j. polyanthum): Jasmine is a very easy indoor blooming plant. They need bright light with some direct sun and a planter with good drainage. Keep the soil lightly moist all year long. Jasmine plants bloom in the winter and it does vine, so provide some sort of support for the trailing vines. Keep the plant pruned. Jasmine can tolerate and sometimes thrive in indoor temperatures as cold as 40 degrees. Jasmine is known to help left mood and help provide a higher quality of sleep.

Indoor Plants with Anne-Marie Johnson