Andrea Schroder's Gratitude Welcome Mats


  • River Rocks (found at the $1 Store or Michaels Craft Store)
  • Shelf Liner/Rubber Mesh in a matching color (about $3 at Wal-mart! Or hardware store)
  • Surface protector like parchment paper

Step 1: Paint the gratitude stones various colors and sharpie or paint the gratitude words on them. Let completely dry.

Step 2: Cut the shelf liner
You can make any size or shape you want.
Step 3: A Dry Run
Before gluing, place the rocks on the mat trying to find rocks that form a somewhat close fit. It doesn't have to be perfect! If you want to use contrasting rock colors to add a design, initials, or a pattern, begin there.
Step 4: Begin Gluing
Once you are satisfied with your pattern, glue it down one rock at a time. (Please note that it you are using sheet liner only, the adhesive will run through it! Protect your work surface!) Don't be surprised if your pattern or letter slowly shifts due to gluing the rocks in a slightly different location than before. No big deal. Once your pattern is secured move on to the background. It will be tempting to go straight to glue here, but give it a dry run first, then glue it. Once you have finished the mat, trim any excess sheet liner.
You can also visit Andrea at her website:

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