Andrea Schroder's Family Room Christmas Decorations

Stockings (you can also buy a stocking and stencil it)
1. Using burlap, sew together to pieces cut out of a stocking template. You can download or buy a stocking template easily.
2. Line one burlap piece with quilt batting, and then sandwich the lining with the second piece of burlap. Sew together!
3. Trim top of stocking with any decoration you like. Let your imagination go wild! Don’t forget a hook for the mantle!
4. Download or buy a stencil of names of loved ones or words for the season. Trace with any color marker you like to personalize each stocking!

Bottle Candles
1. Take a tapered candle, a glass soda bottle, ribbon, and greenery from your tree trimmings. Multiply materials by the number of holders desired.
2. Affix greenery to the bottle by wrapping the glass bottle with ribbon of desired color. Tie in a bow to create a delicate look.
3. Place tapered candle in top of bottle and light!
*allow wax to drip onto bottle if desired, for a layered look!
**If you melt the wax at the bottom of the candle it will stick in the bottle better. Sheet Music Ornament
1. Take a piece of sheet music or stationary designed like sheet music and a ribbon.
2. Roll sheet music together from both sides like a scroll.
3. Wrap with ribbon to hold together.
4. Affix to tree with a clothespin.