Amy Marella's Square Frosted Pine Cone Wreath

Design created by Amy Marella of "The Hidden Garden Floral Design"

Materials Needed:

  • Glue Gun or Glue Pan/Glue Pillows (these hold much better)
  • Wood to make frame
  • Brackets to put the wood together
  • Ribbon to wrap the frame
  • Various Sizes of Pinecones
  • Embellishments: Mini Fruits, Cinammon Sticks, Birds, Nests, Eggs, Faux Red Berries
  • Paint - Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint, Spray Glue & Glitter

Step 1 – Started with a Basic wood Frame
Step 2 – Ribbon wrap over wood frame – wind it around and glue at the end
Step 3- Frosting your pine cones – weather flat paint or a little glitter glue
Various options for painting:

  • brush paint onto the tips of the cones
  • spray the paint to give fuller coverage
  • spray glue and dip with glitter for a more shimmer effect
  • make sure you are spraying and painting on top of some type of protective cloth…it’s a mess!

Step 4 – Start Gluing the Pinecones to the frame until completely covered to your liking. Step 5– Add in the accent details to the wreath (birds, fruits, nests…whatever you feel is your unique style and touch
Step 6 - Add the ribbon to hand tie the wreath and box to finish it off

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