Amy Marella - DIY Floral Holiday Centerpiece

Celebrity florist Amy Marella shows us how to create a beautiful floral centerpiece that will last all season long.
DIY Floral Holiday Centerpiece
Gardening, Flower Arraignments
Seasonal Event:


  • Long and low box
  • Mason jars or any small vases you may have
  • Flowers
  • Greens
  • Pruning sheers
  • Floral wire
  • Embellishments:
    • Ribbon
    • Ornaments on picks
    • Pinecones


  1. Find a low and long box for your centerpiece.
  2. Add oasis floral foam into the box around the vases.
  3. Add vases or mason jars into the box.
  4. Start filling in the box with the Christmas greens. Shove them into the foam. PRO TIP: Keep adding in water overtime to keep the foam wet & fueling the Christmas greens.
  5. Add embellishments throughout the greens like ornaments on pics, pinecones and ribbons. Use bits of floral wire to secure as needed.
  6. Give the flowers a nice fresh cut. Add in flowers to the vases with fresh water. PRO TIP: Good seasonal flowers are red tulips, iliac berries and red roses.
  7. Place the centerpiece and enjoy! PRO TIP: Change out flowers after a couple weeks or whenever flowers start looking droopy.

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