Amy Marella - DIY Cornucopia Centerpiece

Amy Marella returns and shows how simple it is to make a beautiful cornucopia filled with Autumn flowers.
DIY Cornucopia Centerpiece
Home Decor
Seasonal Event:
Fall, Thanksgiving


  • Cornucopia basket
  • ½ yard burlap fabric
  • 1 yard of linen ribbon
  • Strip of birch
  • 1 yard of fabric-covered wire
  • Fall leaves
  • Faux bittersweet berries
  • Small tray for foam
  • Floral foam brick
  • Chicken wire
  • Green floral tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • Flint corn
  • Mini white pumpkins
  • Fall preserved leaves
  • Oak pin leaves
  • Mums
  • Button mums
  • Hypericum berries
  • Dried wheat


  1. Wrap the basket with burlap fabric and tuck the fabric into the center.
  2. Tie off the tip of the cornucopia with ribbon.
  3. Hot glue leaves and faux berries to ribbon trim.
  4. Place a strip of birch around the opening of the basket and secure with hot glue and fabric-covered wire. PRO TIP: Pre-soak birch strips overnight.
  5. Attach a few pieces of flint corn to the edge of the basket.
  6. Wrap floral foam with chicken wire and cross with floral tape. This will ensure that your brick does not break apart when you put the flowers in it.
  7. Wet floral foam and put in a floral tray.
  8. Add fall flowers, leaves, wheat and hypericum berries to floral foam. Allow flowers to spill out of the basket a bit.
  9. Add additional fall leaves, pumpkins and flint corn onto the table.
  10. To maintain the centerpiece, pull the floral foam out every couple of days to add fresh water so that your flowers can continue to drink it up.
  11. As flowers die, pull them out and replace so you can enjoy the centerpiece as long as possible!

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