Amber Kemp DIY Stamped Chocolate Bars

Amber's SWEET treats are great for any person or occasion.


  • Ghiradelli melting chocolate
  • Lawn fawn let’s polka paper pad
  • Chocolate bar mold
  • Stamp set
  • Gold foil candy wrappers
  • Craft paper


    DIY Stamped Chocolate Bars - Home & Family


    1. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe container. I used a Pyrex.

    2. Place the stamps into the mold. Press firmly so that the clear stamp is well adhered to the candy mold. (I would suggest doing this with, new unused stamps …you know…cause this is food and you probably don’t want to ingest any remnants of ink. But that’s up to you. You can always live on the edge. No judgement here. Hell, craft ink can’t be any worse for you than twinkies, right?)

    3. Pour melted chocolate to fill mold and allow to harden in the fridge.

    4. Once hardened, remove the candy from the mold and wrap with gold foil and craft paper.

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