Allstate's Top Five Packing and Moving Tips

Allstate's top five favorite secrets to packing and moving like a pro are:

1. Use High Quality Packing Materials
Don’t hunt down used boxes for high-end electronics, fragile or oddly shaped items. Purchase high quality or specialty boxes from moving or storage companies. You may have to spend a little more money, but it’s worth the investment. Plus you can return boxes to most moving and storage companies for money back!
2. Leave a Paper Trail
Packing paper is inexpensive and is also recyclable in comparison to Styrofoam or bubble wrap. Crumple the paper up and it’s perfect for cushioning objects.
3. Designate a Packing Room
Pick a room in your home to be your moving “hub”. This limits the mess and stress of moving. It’s also useful if there’s a large table you can wrap items on.
4. Don’t Resist Labels
Number your boxes and keep a reference list to help you find things easier. If you’re moving yourself, take a hint from many moving companies and color code each room of the house with a colored label.
5. Throw a Reverse Housewarming Party
If you don’t have time for a yard sale, opt to invite friends over for a “reverse housewarming party” where each guest has to take an item or two home with them.
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