Allstate's Tips to Protect Your Home Against Theft

Allstate's Home Protection Tips
1. Be proactive and keep an inventory of your personal stuff. If you become the victim of theft, it will make the claim process easier if you have a complete inventory of any missing items. The Allstate Digital Locker app lets you organize your personal property by room, category, or in item lists. You can store your inventory on to a secure cloud server so you don’t have to rely on a hard copy to be stolen or damaged.

2. Leave a light on. Empty houses are prime targets for burglary, but hiding the fact you are not at home can fool thieves into thinking you actually are home. Installing light timers helps too. 3. Switch Up Your Routine. Burglars watch for patterns and routines to see when people are consistently away from home, so if you can, try and change things up every once in a while. 4. Don’t leave your key in the mailbox or under the doormat. This may seem obvious, but people still do it. If you need to hide a key, find a place less common.

Your Insurance Can Help if You Do Have a Theft

At Allstate, Personal Property Coverage covers the loss of your belongings if they’re stolen or damaged. It’s typically part of your home, condo or renters insurance and it can help you pay for losses that occur in your home, away from your home or even in your vehicle. Meet with your local insurance agent to understand your protection against theft.

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