This year has seen a bunch more beauty gadgets arrive on the scene, and so I am excited to show you the ones that I think are really worthwhile, and the ones that are…not so much!

Trophy Skin Microderm MD - Amazing at-home device that really works. It works by using a diamond tip, instead of crystals, so it’s not messy. Really easy to use. It’s an investment for sure ($299.00) but a Microdermabrasion at the salon is about $100.00, so it pays for itself after just 3 treatments.

Why you need it:
As we age, we need a deeper kind of exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells and to increase the speed of cell turnover (which slows down as we age). Microdermabrasion is an incredibly effective treatment, and now that you can do it at home – even better! I suggest using it once a week for about 6-8 weeks. Give it a rest for a month or so, and then do another series of treatments.

Sophie’s Verdict:
A worthwhile investment if you have sun-damaged/mature skin. You will see and feel results almost immediately.
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Nu Face Trinity Facial Trainer ( with Wrinkle Remover Attachment) - This is primarily a facial toning device, which is great for areas of loose muscle and skin, particularly drooping jowls (yikes!!!). It’s really easy to use, and looks super cute on your bathroom shelf (it’s bright pink!). It only takes about 5 minutes to do your whole face, which is good because you want to do it everyday. Think of it like brushing your teeth. You simply have to add a few minutes on to your bedtime routine. You can choose the infrared Wrinkle Remover attachment (I demo how to attach), which supposedly helps diminish wrinkles in 6-8 weeks; however, this is more of a time commitment. You need to spend an extra 15 minutes a night doing this, and to see results you have to do it 5 days a week.

Sophie’s Verdict: Invest in the Trinity Device ($325) because it does work. It is very expensive, but getting devices that work will enable you to forgo expensive facials. It’s easy to use, however, unless you are hugely committed and have time to spare, I’d hold on the attachment, which is another $125.

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Save My Face Pillow: This is a very unique pillow, which is supposed to stop your face from wrinkling while you sleep because of the little crescent-shaped cut-out’s on either end.

Sophie’s Verdict:
It costs about $75, so I actually think it is a really good investment. It’s a simple idea to stop areas around the eyes and cheeks from wrinkling up during the night.

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Furlesse Face Patches - Patches to stop your face moving! There are patches for different parts of the face. $19.99 per pack (30-day supply).

Sophie’s Verdict:
They will not be as effective as Botox treatments. But you will see results that mimic some of the more expensive over the counter treatments you see at department stores. I’m just not sure I can go to bed with these on. My husband got the fright of his life when he came to bed the other night and saw my face plastered in them. He thought I’d been to hospital and got stitches. He understood that I’m testing anti-aging gadgets etc, but he’s said he’ll draw the line at stuff that I “wear in bed”!
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