Get great information on why a trip to Europe this summer can be very affordable!

Why is it less expensive to travel to Europe this summer?
The U.S. dollar has enjoyed the fastest rise in 40 years. It’s gone up in value 14% since the start of 2015. One euro is now worth $1.05 – it’s lowest level since 2003. This exchange rate was unthinkable a few years ago when the uro was worth $1.37!  Because of this exchange rate, you can pay 20% less on hotels and 8% less on airfare. So last year the average one-week trip to italy costs around $2,400. Now it costs $1900.

What are some of the best deals in Europe?

The best european city deals are: - Bucharest, Krakow, Budapest and Prague.
Istanbul is the most affordable European destination – the cost for a one-week trip is $1,877.38! 

What is the most expensive European destination?
London is the most expensive, however, the cost has decreased by 5% over the last year.

How can you judge whether you’ve found a good deal?
Tripadvisor says the average nightly rate of a European hotel this summer is $133. Round trip airfare will cost on average $1,448 between june and august. Keep in mind this can vary depending on where you fly out and in to. is a great website where they create a report that tells you when to fly and buy based on the airports you’re flying in and out of. gives you the best offers on travel

Any other travel tips?

  1. Most airfare sales happen midweek so look for deals tuesday night -thursday
  2. Schedule flights for tuesday, wednesday or saturday when possible
  3. Try different booking combinations. If you’re flying from the west coast to europe, it could be more cost effective to book a flight to new york and then a separate flight from new york to europe. Just make sure there is ample time between flights. Since you are choosing to book the flights separately, there is no guarantee if you miss your layover due to delays.
  4. Good strategy for east coasters trying to get to hawaii
  5. Travel after august 15

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