5 Quick Fixes For Your Last Minute Holiday Party

Quick Fix #1 – Every Drop Beauty Spatula
We end up throwing away 20% of our beauty products because we can’t get to the bottom of a tube of lipstick or foundation. Every drop beauty spatula is an inexpensive tool that lets you scrape out that last bit in case you forgot to replace it or don’t have time to run to the store. Every Drop Beauty Spatula, Available Online, $5
Quick Fix #2 – Shea Chic
This is a fabulous body glow moisturizing and perfumed cream that is made of shea butter to nourish the skin and give you an instant glow. It's a quick body glow and fragrance all in one lotion to slather on the body and look like you have been moisturizing all day.
There is also shea chic for men – it’s important for the men to moisturize, too, especially heading into the winter months! Shea Chic,, $12.95-$25.95.

Quick Fix # 3 – Eye Envy
This is perfect for the women who do not have the first clue about how to apply eye make up. You just press on an eye shadow patch and it looks like you have been at the make up artist for hours! It is waterproof, crease-proof, and long-wearing that transfers to the eyelid with just a touch! EYE ENVY,, $20

Quick Fix #4 – Quikstyle Paddle Brush
Go straight from the shower to beautifully styled dry hair in no time! Super absorbent microfiber bristles remove 30% of water as you style. It's like a towel and a brush in one. It’s designed for detangling wet hair, quick removal of excess water and styling with or without a hair dryer. It will help completely speed up your whole primping process.
Quikstyle Paddle Brush,, $12

Quick Fix #5 – Cover Up A Blemish With A Beauty Mark
Maybe you have a zit from all the stress of prepping for the holidays...don't squeeze it or do a mask…. Just put an instant beauty mark on it and YOU become an instant world class beauty (mark). For an easy do it yourself version at home, you can use eyelash glue and black eyeliner. Just dab it on with a Q-tip and voila!

Kym Douglas' Quick Beauty Fixes

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