3 Champagne & Food Parings with Kim Haasarud

Pairing #1: Fried Foods
Barefoot Bubbly Brut: $8-10
Domain Carneros: $30 Pairing #2: Fondue
Prosecco: $10-$15
Chandon Rose: $20 Pairing #3: Salmon
Barefoot Champagnes: $20 and Under
Mocktails (Non-Alcoholic Beverages)
There are many different sparkling options available that you can also just serve out of the flute as well.
Sparkling Apple Cranberry, sparkling Apple Cider, and the Italian sodas by San Pelligrino – Limonata and the Ariciata Rosso (Blood Orange) are really great. They also make great cocktail mixers. Tip: Sparkling Moscatos and Demi-Secs are great champagnes for pairing with dessert! This is a Red Moscato – lots of sweet berry flavors. It goes really well with cakes and anything chocolate.

Tip: Red Moscato Pairs Great with Chocolate Desserts!

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