“Castle” Interview

Actors and singers Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas stop by Home & Family to talk about their roles on “Castle.” The two actors played songwriters and even wrote a song for a wedding on the show that never happened. They have since released their own music video that can be found exclusively on the “Castle” season 7 DVD. The men stay to perform that song for the show.
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Cap 'N Crunch Seared Tuna - Home & Family

Cap ’N Crunch Seared Tuna

Sam the Cooking Guy is in the kitchen with Cristina showing you how to combine fish with cereal! That is right, Sam is preparing Cap ’N Crunch Seared Tuna and pairs it with a sake martini. Sam says he calls himself the cooking guy because he never went to culinary school, he just trained himself. He tries to use ingredients that you can find at home. His motto is “big on taste, small on effort!”

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Autumn Dreams Interview - Home & Family

“Autumn Dreams” Interview

Colin Egglesfield and Jill Wagner of Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Autumn Dreams,” stop by for a visit with Mark and Cristina. The two actors talk about their tight friendship they formed while shooting the movie and it turns out that Jill was a fan of Colin’s work before even meeting him. Both actors also share a bond over their support for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Colin is also staying busy by working on an anti-bullying documentary, “A Night to Shine.”
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DIY Spiderman Headphones

Meghan Camarena shows you how to make your very own DIY Spiderman headphones. Using basic headphones with a solid color and puffy paint, you can have a lot of fun. She said she first got the idea while attending a cosplay party.

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Halloween Costumes for Kids

Debbie Matenopoulos organizes a kids’ fashion show to display all the cutest costumes for this upcoming Halloween. Her own daughter, Alexandra comes out dressed like a tiny sheep. Debbie reminds viewers to take the Halloween pictures before you go out so it takes the pressure off looking perfect the entire night.

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Preparing Plants for Fall - Home & Family

Dividing and Storing Plants for Fall

Shirley Bovshow explains the importance of dividing and storing plants for fall. She says that when plants overgrow their space, they don’t flower as much, so every three or four years, you should divide them to keep them alive. Fall is the perfect time to divide plants because they are dormant and not active in growth. She assures you that you cannot kill the plant when dividing them.

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Smoothies vs. Juices - Home & Family

Juicing vs. Smoothies

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen explaining the differences between juicing and making smoothies. She clarifies that one is not healthier than the other and you should be mindful of sugar and calories in both. The benefit of juicing is that it is an instant shot of nutrition. There are two types of juicers, masticating and and centrifugal. Sophie also makes a pumpkin pie smoothie with healthy ingredients including coconut milk and ground flax.

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Witch Leg Chandelier - Home & Family

Witch Leg Chandelier

Looking for fun decorations for this Halloween? Tanya Memme has you covered with a fun DIY using an umbrella, tulle, wire, striped stockings and a glue gun!

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Ask the Matts

Matt Iseman and Matt Rogers stop by to answer some of your questions from Facebook! From medical advice to parenting advice, these Matts have you covered!

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