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“Ice Sculpture Christmas” Interview

The stars of Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Ice Sculpture Christmas,” Rachel Boston and David Alpay sit down with Cristina and guest hosts, Matt Iseman and Matt Rogers to share funny stories from the set. The actors joke because they shot the movie during a heat wave, even though their wardrobe called for heavy jackets and boots. Before even meeting,  David had wanted to act alongside Rachel after seeing her work and believes the chemistry shows in the movie, especially the kissing scenes! After the interview, David plays the violin for the audience.
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Christmas Sugar Cookies - Home & Family

Christmas Sugar Cookies

After their interview, David and Rachel head into the kitchen to combine their recipes together to bake Christmas Sugar Cookies. David’s added twist is roasted sesame seeds on top of the cookies, to add a little nutty flavor. Baking cookies was a tradition in Rachel and David’s houses during the holidays and they find their recipes are very similar. The fun comes when they get to decorate the cookies!

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Getting to Know the Matts

Matt Iseman and Matt Rogers take a few questions from the family members. The men share their softer sides by talking about romantic dates and marriage proposals.

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Comic Book Shoes - Home & Family

DIY Comic Book Shoes

Tanya Memme is showing you how to make fun Comic Book Shoes! She encourages you to get inspired first by checking out your local comic book store and picking up some books. This project is aimed for intermediate level DIYers and patent leather shoes work best, or any type of smooth material. Remember to let the shoes sit for 24 hours before wearing them. The entire project will take you about three or four hours to make.

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Benjamin Hollingsworth Interview

The actor visits Home & Family to talk about his new medical series, “Code Black.” He describes that he does his own stunts and demonstrates by picking up Cristina as if he was rescuing her from a fire. Matt Iseman points out how impressed he is with Benjamin’s memorization of medical terms on the show. Benjamin also shares his own romantic side by talking about places he has visited with his criminologist wife, who he married in November of 2012.
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Baja-Style Fish Tacos - Home & Family

Alex Thomopoulos Cooks

Cristina’s daughter Alex is in the kitchen talking about her gluten-free diet and how it has changed her life. Today, she is cooking Baja Styled Fried Fish Tacos with Chipotle Sauce and Cilantro Lime Slaw. When she makes a heavily fried dish, she loves pairing it with a light and bright salad to balance the meal out. She also advises to not crowd the pot when frying the fish, because that will lead to the temperature of oil dropping.

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Holiday Fashions for the Family

Debbie Matenopoulos hosts a fashion show to demonstrate how families can stay in style this holiday season. For women, deep shades of red and winter white are in. When it comes to men, layers are trending and remember darker colors are great for the colder weather and holidays. Bows always look great on children during this time of year, too.

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Preventing Ice-Related Injuries - Home & Family

Preventing Ice-Related Head Injuries in Children

Dr. JJ opens up about head injuries in children during the winter months. Almost half of winter sports injuries are head-related. She encourages children to wear helmets whenever they are participating in sports on ice and recommends mouth guards, which help reduce the force of impact to the head. If a child does have an injury to the head that results in concussion, vomiting, dizzying, headache, trouble concentrating and loss of consciousness, go the ER to get them checked out, immediately.

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DIY Welcome Guest Caddies

Sophie Uliano has a great way to greet guests who stay at her home, she makes Welcome Guest Caddies. You find the rustic caddies at your local craft store or order them online. Pastel colors create a warm and soothing environment. She also makes her own lavender bath soak, which draws all the aches and pains out of muscles.

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