Mother/Daughter Spring Fashion Show

Debbie Matenopoulos is joined by her toddler, Alexandra to host a fashion show with mothers and daughters including Home & Family’s Tanya Memme and her daughter, Ava. She shows you cute spring looks that you can sport at your next barbecue or casual weekend when you and your daughter are out running errands.

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Gretchen Carlson Interview

Guest host Gretchen Carlson opens up to Mark about her career which includes hosting the television show “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson” on Fox News, as well as being featured in Netflix’s fourth season of “House of Cards” which premieres this week. Gretchen also just celebrated the 25th anniversary of winning Miss America.

Michele Bachmann Interview

Congresswoman and and former Presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann talks to Home & Family about this year’s election and focuses on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. She cites their optimism as a major appeal to the voters. Michele and Gretchen are both energized that people are finally excited about a Presidential election.

Fruit Tree Branch Arrangements

Shirley Bovshow is back to show you how to enjoy the blossoms of fruit trees, especially with spring right around the corner. She points out that these blossoms are bringing so much color to the landscape. She introduces Home & Family to a variety of blossom fruit trees that include peppermint peach, crabapple and cherry blossoms. She shows you how to prune these trees and use their branches as indoor decorations with their beautiful blossoms still attached. After Shirley offers up her tips, Mark brings out a cake for her, since it is her birthday!

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Ken’s Craft-Tool Review

Ken Wingard is back to give his recent reviews of craft tools. Ken checks out InstaMorph, which is a moldable plastic and in the end, he gives it his approval! Ken also looks at the DeWalt cordless saw. He calls it perfect for beginner crafters and gives it his seal of approval, too!

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Beauty Secrets from Land & Sea

Kym Douglas introduces Home & Family to her new baby goat “Holly Wood,” she is sponsoring from Chivas Farm. Kym uses goat milk products from the farm to moisturize her skin. Dan backs Kym up when it comes to using goat milk for moisturizer. Dan and Kym also talk about how snail mucus products can keep your skin looking youthful. All products featured are cruelty-free.

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DIY Painted Umbrellas

Tanya Memme is back and this time she has her mom, Beverley here helping her out. Using an umbrella, fabric paint, paint brush and painter’s tape, Tanya shows you how to create a decorative umbrella. Tanya reminds viewers that fabric paint is waterproof so you can definitely use the umbrella in the rain. This entire DIY will cost you as little as ten dollars!

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Michele’s Meatloaf

Michele Bachmann is in the kitchen preparing her traditional midwest dish, meatloaf. Michele calls this the best meatloaf and says the secret is getting your hands dirty! She encourages you to get your kids help because it can be fun to get messy. She also doesn’t skimp on the vegetables! The dish is a big hit with Home & Family.

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