Friday, June 2nd, 2017

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Alexa PenaVega Visits - Home & Family

Alexa PenaVega

The actress Alexa PenaVegas sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Destination Wedding,” which premieres Saturday, June 3rd at 9/8c. The actress opens up about her own destination wedding she had in Mexico and how life has changed for her since moving to Hawaii with her family.

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Killer Cuban Sandwich - Home & Family

Killer Cuban Sandwich

Chef and author of “The Dude Diet,” Serena Wolf is in the kitchen making her killer Cuban sandwich. She provides some helpful tips before preparing, this includes drying the meat ahead of time and points out that her sandwich has less oil, sodium and fat but still delicious flavor.

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DIY Sunglasses

Orly Shani is keeping you in style this summer by showing you how to make your own fashionable sunglasses, using paint, a paint brush and glue. For a deeper color of the shades use acrylic paint.

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Lisa Loeb

Singer and songwriter Lisa Loeb visits Home & Family and talks about her latest single, “Feel What U Feel,” which is available for download now. She also opens up about her residency at Cafe Carlyle in New York City and her Muddy Puddles Project.

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The Ultimate Picnic - Home & Family

How to Throw a Picnic

Kym Douglas is showing you all the items you will need to throw the perfect summertime picnic. This includes a cherry pitter for fresh cherries and a perfect cutting board.

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Carrie Preston

Actress Carrie Preston visits with Home & Family to talk about her new TNT series, “Claws,” which premieres June 11th at 9/8c. She reveals that she researched her character Polly by using Facebook. She describes “Claws” as a show about good women caught in bad places with worse men.

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New Scam Alerts

Matt Iseman is back informing you of the latest scam alerts, including “phishing,” which involves scammers sending fake emails to access your personal information. He gives you some tips to protect yourself, this includes turning off your Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet when not in use.

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The Science of Dry Caramel

Food scientist, Dan Kohler is in the kitchen breaking down the science of dry caramel. He explains when heating caramel, the sugar undergoes a thermal decomposition. When done, you can add dry caramel on baked goods on items like cookies and cakes. Make sure you don’t overcook it, though.

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Happiness to the Rescue

Author and clinical psychologist Dr. Clara Young talks about her book, “Happiness to the Rescue.” She opens up about her 25 year battle with depression and her own personal happiness exercises, which includes doing one good deed a day and dancing daily for one whole minute.

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DIY Water Soaker - Home & Family

DIY Water Soaker

Matt Rogers is showing you how to make a DIY water soaker using PVC pipes, caps, plug, duct tape, super-glue and Vaseline. The best part is the entire cost of this fun DIY is only $5.