Friday, June 24th, 2016

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Brennan Elliott Interview - Home & Family

Brennan Elliott Interview

The actor visits with Debbie and Mark to talk about the third installment of his upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie, “Flower Shop Mystery: Dearly Depotted,” which premiers Sunday, June 26th at 9/8c. He jokes about he had to step up his game in this movie because he has a dancing scene with Brooke Shields, something he was at first intimidated with. Brennan gets in the Hallmark Channel June Weddings spirit by opening up about his own wedding to his wife, Cami, which was on 9-10-11.

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Update Your Dresser - Home & Family

Updating Your Dresser Using Wood Shims

Ken Wingard is joined by DIY Dream Job winner, Amber Kemp-Gerstel to show you how to give your dresser a complete makeover. Before getting started, Ken points out the two things that stood out for him when it came to Amber: the first was she was such a fan of crafting and the second was that her projects have a modern-twist. Today’s project is taking an old dresser and adding some modern flair to it by adding shims, which you can find available pre-cut at your local hardware store. This entire DIY will cost you only $40.

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Rachel Grant Interview

Self-described adventurer, Rachel Grant is showing you how easy it is to pack for a trip without every checking in your bag. Rachel knows a thing or two about traveling, since she is the star of the Bravo docu-series, “Tour Group.” Some tips that Rachel provides is choosing a carry-on bag that features extremely lightweight material, using large Ziplock bags to compress your clothes, to pack only one pair of high heels and finally, take flat purses that can fold in your carry-on bag.

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Kevin O’Leary and Chef Robert Liberato Visit

The executive chef of STK Los Angeles, Robert Liberato is joined by “Shark Tank” judge and owner of O’Leary Fine Wines, Kevin O’Leary to talk about wine and steak. Most recently, O’Leary Fine Wines have partnered with STK, where a bottle will cost you under $20. Meanwhile, Robert talks about how O’Leary Wines brings out the best flavor in his steak dishes.

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The Perfect White Tee

Lawrence Zarian is back and giving you tips on how to find the perfect t-shirt, just in time for summertime. He hosts a fashion show featuring some of his favorite brands, such as Theory, Merona and Style & Co.

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Bucket List Adventure

Cancer survivors Katie Woods and Lilly Regina talk about their friendship and their journey of living with stage four cancer. Lilly created a fundraising page to help Katie fulfill her wish of visiting the ocean. The two women wrote down a bucket list and have been fulfilling wishes by road tripping through the Western United States these last few weeks. The fundraising page reached Ryan Carey, who donated money to help Katie get to the ocean. Together, the women have seen Lake Tahoe, the capital building in Sacramento, road rollercoasters in Santa Cruz and Katie learned to surf. After their interview, Mark and Debbie surprise Lilly and Katie with a visit from Ryan, so that they can thank him in person for helping them fulfill their dreams.

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Raspberry Lemon Cake - Home & Family

Raspberry Lemon Cake

Debbie is back in the kitchen whipping up a delicious dessert inspired by Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “The Wedding March,” which premieres June 25th at 9/8c. She shares a scene from the movie, where the lemon raspberry cake is featured. Katie shares that this flavor of cake is her favorite, which gets Debbie more excited to make it! Mark points out how light and fluffy the cake is, making it even better.

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Get Ready for Kitten Summer Games - Home & Family

David Frei Interview

One of the hosts of this year’s Hallmark Channel Kitten Summer Games visits Home & Family to talk about the big event. Before the Summer Games, David has served as a commentator at the Westminster Kennel Club for 27 years. This year, he is hosting the games with Beth Stern and Mary Carrillo. He also talks about how each kitten player is up for adoption through This year’s sporting events include tennis, wrestling, track & field and gymnastics.

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Growing Herbs for Summer Drinks

Shirley Bovshow is introducing you to some herbs that you can place in your fun summertime drinks. When growing herbs, find a sunny location and make the plants accessible so you can easily get to them. When planting mint, use containers to keep them from spreading. If you plant rosemary, you can collect the needles all year long. After your plants are ready to pick, you can use them for mojitos and rosemary cucumber margaritas!

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How to Throw a Lovely Wedding - Home & Family

How to Throw a Lovely Wedding

Amanda Dawbarn, Kristina Meltzer and Jillian Clark talk about their wedding blog, “100 Layer Cake,” which helps provide ideas for themed-weddings. Recently, the ladies partnered with Hallmark to create a new line of cards that go with a “lovely” theme. When it comes to planning a “lovely” themed wedding, the ladies recommend the pink, white and green colors with etherial textures.

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