Friday, August 5th, 2016

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My Summer Prince Interview - Home & Family

Jack Turner and Marina Sirtis Interview

Jack and Marina sit down with Mark and Debbie to talk about their upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “My Summer Prince,” which premieres Saturday, August 6th at 9/8c. In the film, Jack plays the prince and Marina plays the role of Penelope, who gets brought in to fix the royal’s PR. Jack admits that he was first starstruck when he met his co-star. The two even talk about how great it is to be part of Hallmark Channel’s family, especially because all of the movies are so wholesome and family-friendly.

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Greek Village Salad - Home & Family

Greek Village Salad

Debbie is back in the kitchen and this time she is preparing a Greek Village Salad, known as Horiaki Salata. She is joined by fellow Greek, Marina. Before getting started, Debbie explains that Greek salads usually don’t have lettuce in them, but are filled with other fresh ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil and lemon juice.

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DIY Team USA Jacket - Home & Family

DIY Team USA Jacket

Orly Shani is getting into the Olympic spirit by showing you how to make your own USA-inspired fashion. She says you can find your own American flag on Amazon or at a fabric store. As always, she reminds you to be very mindful and respectful of the flag when stitching it onto clothing, never cut it up or lay it on the floor. You can get as creative as you want with the design work. The more colorful, the better!

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Heather McDonald Interview

Comedian Heather McDonald visits Home & Family to talk about her new documentary, “Can We Take a Joke?” which is now playing in select theaters. She opens up the discussion about what words and accents you shouldn’t use on stage. She also advises potential audience members that if you are easily offended, you shouldn’t go to comedy shows.

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Olympic Opening Ceremony Tablescape - Home & Family

Olympic Opening Ceremony Tablescape

Maria Provenzano returns with a patriotic-themed DIY, an Olympic-themed tablescape. Maria is a huge Olympic nerd and wanted to come up with a perfect DIY that would be perfect for a viewing party. She shows you how to make Olympic rings that hang on the wall, and medals, flags and podiums made out of simple boxes that you can place on the table. She also adds cupcakes that are meant to look like Olympic torches.

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Chronic Pain Relief

Therapist and author Nicole J. Sachs, who wrote “The Meaning of Truth” sits down with Home & Family to talk about chronic pain relief. She opens the discussion about opiate addictions and alternative ways to treat pain. She encourages people to take 20 minutes a day to journal daily to release their deep feelings. She says she has always seen miraculous results from patients who journal their pain.

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Benefit Brows

Jared Bailey is talking about how trendy full eyebrows are. He explains that you should not over-pluck your eyebrows, because you should embrace a bushier brow. Eyebrows are meant to frame the face and he encourages you to pick products that will help tint and shape the brow to make your eyes pop even more.

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Manly Plants - Home & Family

Manly Plants

Shirley Bovshow introduces you to some manly plants that all types of men will appreciate. She explains that men favor plants that have scrappy leaves and architectural shapes. They also prefer color from foliage instead of real floral colors. The plants she picks out are perfect for the concrete planters that Ken made the day before.

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Ask Amber

The DIY Dreamjobbing Star winner Amber Kemp-Gerstel sits down with Home & Family to answer some of your questions.

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