Friday, August 11th, 2017

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Southern Dishes - Home & Family

Quick Southern Vegetable Dishes

Chadwick Boyd is in the kitchen preparing some easy and delicious southern dishes that you can make at home. These include baked beans using frozen lima beans. For an extra bit of flavor, you can add bacon to the dish. When making corn, he recommends adding salted butter to the skillet for more flavorful results. If you want to make the dish lighter, avoid using cream in the corn dish.

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DIY Alcohol Ink Art - Home & Family

DIY Alcohol Ink Art

Maria is turning alcohol ink to a work of art with this creative DIY. Before getting started, make sure your base is a nonporous surface. When you are done with the painting, spray it with a clear coat spray. This entire DIY will cost you around $12.

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Robert Foster

Actor Robert Foster of the movie, “The Case of Christ,” visits Home & Family to talk about his role in the movie, which is available on at Streaming Video On Demand. He plays the father of an investigative journalist who is challenged by her lack of faith. Aside from the movie, Robert reminisces about what it was like working with director Quentin Tarantino and being nominated for an Academy Award for the movie, “Jackie Brown.”

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Fashion Over 50

Lawrence Zarian is back introducing you to some of the hottest fashions for women over 50. He also explains his rule; that it’s not about WHAT you wear but HOW you wear it!

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Mango Royale

Pastry chef Isa Fabro is in the kitchen making a delicious dessert, mango royale. He recommends using champagne mangos, which are delicate, sweeter and more tender than others. He also adds the tip of placing an un-ripened mango in a paper bag for three days to get it ready to consume. You can freeze this delicious dessert for up to three weeks when you are finished.

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Floral Gift Box Toppers

Shirley Bovshow is adding an extra-floral touch to your gift wrapping and showing you how you can, too. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time creating the floral toppers before delivering the gift. Once you’re done, store the topper in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

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Barbara Niven Talks Chesapeake Shores - Home & Family

Barbara Niven

Barbara Niven is back to talk about her role of “Megan O’Brien” in Hallmark Channel’s Original Series, “Chesapeake Shores.” The actress loves interacting with fans and reveals some of the reactions they have shared about the show. Barbara is also close to her grandchildren, and uses FaceTime to communicate with them while she is on location shooting the series.

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Dorothy the Organizer

Dorothy the Organizer of A&E’s “Hoarders,” stops by Home & Family to give you tips on how to de-clutter your car. First things first, remove all the valuables in your car and place them in your house so you do not accidentally throw them away. She explains that it is very easy to gather clutter in your car since it acts so much like a second home in your life.

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DIY Barefoot Baby Sandals

Orly Shani is celebrating baby with this adorable DIY, barefoot baby sandals using stretch lace, accessories, fabric glue and scissors. The best part is this DIY will only cost you around a dollar.

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