Sarah Michelle Gellar Cooks

The actress is back in the kitchen with Cristina making the ultimate Mother’s Day favorite, ombre pancakes! Sarah Michelle Gellar explains that it is hard to find organic pancake mix in the stores, so her company FoodStirs decided to make their own organic mix that includes food coloring. Before she gets started, she talks about the importance of Mother’s Day in her family and she describes how they enjoy celebrating at the beach. Her pancakes are a big hit, especially when paired with fresh maple syrup.

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Beauty Breakthroughs

Kym Douglas has a list of great beauty products that she considers breakthroughs. This includes a mud firming treatment that you place on your face to tighten your skin, a styling brush that heats up to help you manage your hair’s volume and frizz and finally, nail snaps, which allow you to put fun art on your nails without going to a nail salon.

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Dog Training: Photographing Dogs - Home & Family

Dog Training: Dog Photography Tips

Celebrity dog trainer Joel Silverman is back to give you some tips for photographing your dog. In the beginning, build a relationship with your dog and know their sleep and play cycle. If you want your dog to sit still, have a piece of food or a toy at the camera, so that they continue looking at the lens. Finally, Joel says squeaky toys draw out a dog’s personality. Mark comes in with his camera to shoot some photos of his dog, working with the tips Joel gave him.

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How to Grow Pole Beans

Shirley Bovshow is back and educating you about gardening with pole beans. She explains that this is perfect timing for growing pole beans because they thrive in hot and moist temperatures during the summer. Make sure you plant the seeds in a sunny location and add extra compost to your soil for the needed nutrients. You should plant your seeds every 5 inches and have the support of a trellis.

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Arianna Huffington Interview - Home & Family

The Sleep Revolution

Co-founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington stops by Home & Family to talk about her new book, “Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time” and how we as a society have created a stigma around getting enough sleep. Arianna shares her own battles with sleep deprivation and now has learned to concentrate on getting enough sleep at night by turning off her screens, wearing comfortable clothes and reading a good book. She also sees the importance of sleep-friendly work environments, even creating nap rooms at her company’s buildings.

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Fiesta Chicken Bowls - Home & Family

Fiesta Chicken Bowls

Getting ready for game day, Cristina is showing you how to prepare some delicious fiesta chicken bowls ahead of time! She prepares the chicken, rice & beans, shredded cheese and lettuce up to two days in advance and explains that everything should be stored separately to avoid accumulating moisture. Once game day arrives, all of the ingredients for your bowls are prepared and you just have to add together in a ziploc bag and shake!

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Jump Rope Fitness

Fitness expert Ashley Borden is explaining the benefits of jump roping as a cardio exercise. One of the best reasons to jump rope is that it is an inexpensive exercise that you can do anywhere. Incorporating jump ropes into your circuit workouts will increase your cardiovascular activity. She encourages you to not be scared of learning how to jump rope, especially because there is such a variety of jump ropes to choose from, based on your level of expertise.

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DIY Refurbished Dresser Ottoman (Part 1) - Home & Family

DIY Refurbished Dresser Ottoman

Paige Hemmis is taking a refurbished dresser and turning it into a stylish ottoman. She even gets Cristina to help out with the nail gun! Paige’s big tip is to make sure you use the correct size of brad nails to safely secure your chair. This entire DIY will cost you only $50 compared to over $300 if you bought it in a store.

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DIY Kitchen Cleaners - Home & Family

DIY Green Kitchen Cleaners

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen showing you how to make your own kitchen cleaners, and starts with disinfectant wipes that are non-toxic and are reusable. If you don’t want to use a bamboo towel as your wipe, you can also use an old towel or t-shirt. She is also making a stainless steal cleaner that will cost you only a dollar to make.

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Ask Joel Silverman

Celebrity dog trainer Joel Silverman sticks around to answer some of your Facebook questions.