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Friday, April 10th, 2015

Paul Johansson Interview

Actor Paul Johansson sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his role in the premiere episode of the final season of “Mad Men.” Paul says Jon Hamm is one of the most professional actors he’s ever worked with. Paul also opens up about his earlier career as the “shirtless delivery man” in the iconic Diet Coke commercials. The actor is also staying busy filming an upcoming Hallmark Channel Movie alongside Teri Polo.

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DIY Jewelry Organizer

Kym Douglas and Ken Wingard team up to make a jewelry organizer. Kym points out that she is not the most organized and needs a way to keep jewelry in order. Ken shows her just how easy it is to make your own jewelry organizer for less than $200. A store bought custom built-in organizer can cost up to $3000!

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Risotto Verde

Chef Fabio Viviani is back in the Home & Family kitchen to cook up some Risotto Verde. He also made a very special vegan version of his dish for guests Moby and Gene Baur. Fabio points out that risotto is even better when you let the flavors build as you are cooking.  The key is to always add hot broth to your dish for the results to be more creamy and less gummy.

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Pruning Fruit Trees

Shirley Bovshow discusses how you prune fruit trees by keeping them shrub size. By pruning the fruit trees Shirley explains you help control their size and shape. Shirley shows Mark and Cristina how you can grow three fruit trees in one hole, creating a little orchard in your backyard.

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Moby and Gene Baur Cook!

Musician and DJ Moby is in the Home & Family kitchen and joined by President of Farm Sanctuary Gene Baur to cook up a improvised vegan chili. Gene’s organization, Farm Sanctuary works to protect farm animals from cruelty. Moby and Gene cook chili because it is a dish that vegetarians, vegans and carnivores all love. The chili is a big hit with the Home & Family crowd! Moby ends the segment with a song.

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Spring Fashion Trends

Orly Shani talks to Home & Family about all the hottest spring fashions. The designer says that the 70’s head to toe look is in, along with a fringe purse and a big hat. Orly also declares that flat shoes are officially back in style and notes that actresses are even wearing them on the red carpet. Finally, splatter-paint jeans are all the rage and you can even make the style yourself.

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Linda Koopersmith is Back!

Designer and Spacial Expert to the Stars talks to Mark and Cristina about the latest products seen at the International Kitchen & Bath Show, that featured over 500 exhibitors. Some of the items that struck Linda’s eye were the Gourmet Stirrer, Quali Log & Roll Paper Towel Holder, Lagrange Crepes Creativ, and Cervical Traction Device.

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Indoor Crafts for Kids

Tanya Memme shows you how to keep your kids busy indoors by making your very own Polka Dot Slime! While you are at it, you can show the kids how to make their own Rainbow and Colored Ice Blocks!

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Ask Kym

Kym Douglas sits down to answer questions from social media. When it comes to hot flashes, Kym advises using rose water or green tea spray or carrying around a little portable mini-fan. Kym’s last big event with her family was going out with her husband for their 30th anniversary. Finally Kym tells women that they should lose the straw in their drinks because it can create a pursing of your lips, like a scowl.

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