Make Cristina’s Coco Bar for your holiday season! It's the perfect party accent from the start of fall to the new year and beyond!

Coco Bar Station

  • Use rustic wooden trays and cutting boards to create a country look for your Coco Bar Station.
  • Be sure to have lovely signs to welcome your guests to partake in the Coco Bar.
  • Be it the entryway, kitchen, or dining room; place your Coco Bar close to the designated reception area in your house.
  • I chose to use stainless steel thermoses for serving my guests. I love the stainless steel look. The thermoses will make sure the coco stays nice and warm, and also makes for easy pouring!
  • You can change out labels and decals to reflect the current holiday or event to make your coco bar current all season long!
  • Coco Bar Feature #2: Items With Which To Flavor Your Coco

  • There are so many ways to spice up your guests’ coco! You can offer your guests flavored syrups! You can buy clean pump soap dispensers at container stores and fill them with flavored syrups instead! A few popular syrup flavors are vanilla, peppermint, and chocolate!
  • Another great way to flavor your coco is with spices and flavored sugars! Offer shakers or packets of all the standard coco spices like cinnamon and coco powder. Soak sugar overnight with cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or even Mexican chocolate! Serve in a ramekin with a demitasse spoon!
  • Want to go even more creative with your coco accompaniments? Try flavored whipped creams like raspberry, almond, and mint!
  • You can even drop candies in your coco to add dimension! Put out ramekins of chocolates, marshmallows, and bits of candies, chopped peppermint sticks, even caramels.
  • Coco Bar Feature #3: Take Home Gifts For Guests

    • If you want to be a consummate host, have a lovely gift for your guests to take home with them when they leave. I suggest creating the ultimate Take-home Coco Mix.
    • Fill medium-sized Mason jars with your favorite coco mix flavor and top them off with marshmallows or whatever candy treat you think your friends would like to drop into their cup once the coco is mixed.
    • Decorate the Mason jar with ribbon and labels for that extra touch!
    • Your friends will think of you every time they settle in for a comforting cup of coco!

    How To Make Cristina’s DIY Sweater Cozie Want to make your own handmade mug cozies? They are so easy to make! Would you believe me if I told you can make them out of old children’s sweaters? Here’s how:

  • Cut arms of child’s sweater to the length of your mugs. We choose a child’s sweater because the arm is small enough to fit a mug snuggly.
  • Turn the sweater cuff inside out and run a bead of waterproof fabric adhesive along the top and bottom edges of the sweater cuff.
  • Fold the edges over and press firmly. Allow the glue to dry completely and turn the cuff back outside in. This will seal the edges and prevent them from fraying with use!

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