How well do you know 'Cheers'?

Sam’s baseball career was ruined by what? He was an alcoholic
Sam insured what part of his body? His hair
Cheers was based on a real bar in Boston. What was its name? The Bull & Finch
What was the bar Cheers originally called before it became Cheers? Mom’s
Sam played for what team? The Boston Red Sox
Name Sam’s nickname? May Day Malone
Which actor played Norm Peterson? George Wendt
While everyone else shouted “Norm”, what did Diane shout when Norm entered the bar every episode? Norman
Norm had a nickname in high school. What was it? Moonglow
Do you know Norm’s favorite restaurant? Hungry Heifer
Norm quit the boyscouts. Why? They were going on a hike and he didn’t want to go.
Rebecca made Norm work off his bar tab by doing what? Paint the office
Cliff was voted “Postman of the Year” in what region? Greater Boston
Cliff claimed to be an expert on what topic? Tapeworms
Cliff used an animal to prove to Norm that it took little skill to paint. What animal did he use? An orangutan
What actor played Cliff Clavin? John Ratzenberg
Name Cliff’s middle initial? C.
What actress played Cliff’s mother? Frances Sternhagen
What actress played the part of Diane Chambers? Shelley Long
When Diane first came to Cheers, what was her occupation? College Student
What was Diane’s cat called? Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Sam thought Diane was allergic to what? Making a commitment to Frasier
Where were Frasier and Diane going to be married? Italy
Sam had trouble saying what four-letter word to Diane? “Love”
Sam first proposed to Diane where? On the telephone
Sam proposed to Diane for the second time when? On a boat
Sam proposed to Diane for the third time where? In the bar
Where did Sam plan to take Diane on their honeymoon? Disney World
What actor played Frasier Crane? Kelsey Grammer
Who was Frasier’s patient when he was first introduced to the series? Diane
What actor played the part of Coach? Nicholas Colasanto
What was Coach’s real name? Ernie Pantusso