Arm Knitting with Kym Douglas

Instructions on Knitting a Scarf:

  1. Use two strands together.
  2. Measure about 6 arm lengths.
  3. Make a slip knot (bring the short end around the back of 3 middle fingers making a loop, pull the short end trough the loop pulling it taut, leaving a loop.
  4. Slip the loop over your wrist and tighten (leaving about a 6 ft. tail).
  5. Run the attached yarn end behind your hand, across your palm, encircling your thumb (this will create your tension and feed).
  6. Using your index and middle finger like scissors, grab the tail near the wrist and hold tautly (now both arms are parallel and the yarn is running between them.
  7. Slip the hand with the bound wrist under the yarn running around the thumb and pull back until a loop is added to your bound wrist.
  8. Use your 3 middle fingers of your right hand to grab the yarn held between your left hand index and middle fingers and using your right thumb, help that yarn to create a loop around the back of your right hand. Dip those fingers back under the stretched yarn of the left thumb and slip the loop down to your wrist.
  9. Release the yarn around your left wrist and pull yarn taut (this sequence is called casting on).
  10. Repeat 10 more times.
  11. Now you ‘knit’ by pulling each loop off the wrist, feeding a loop of yarn through and transferring to your left wrist.
  12. Repeat until all loops have been transferred to your left wrist.
  13. Now repeat transferring loops, pulling more yarn through each loop and moving the yarn to your right wrist.
  14. Repeat until all loops have been transferred back.

Visit for a detailed demonstration on how to arm knit your own scarf.

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