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Kelp in Your Garden with Shirley Bovshow

Kelp in Your Garden with Shirley Bovshow
  • KELP or "seaweed" is form of algae marine plant that grows on rocks in the ocean.
  • Kelp is a source of Algin, a thickening agent used in toothpaste, paint, ice cream and cosmetics.
  • The best times to apply Kelp are early morning and early evening, when the liquids will be absorbed most quickly.
  • Seashells are rich in calcium. Fertilizer manufacturers use seashells as a growth stimulator to help plants become more resistant to fungi.
  • Crushed seashells can be used as soil amendment to loosen clay soil and improve drainage.
  • Calcium carbonate in seashells provides a slow release of calcium that de-acidifies and helps balance soil pH.

Kelp and Seashells with Shirley Bovshow

Find out from Shirley Bovshow how kelp and seashells can be used in your garden.

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