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Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Shenae Grimes - Home & Family

The actress opens up about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, "Christmas Incorporated."

Shenae Grimes Interview

Actress Shenae Grimes visits Mark & Cristina to discuss her upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Christmas Incorporated,” which premieres November 15th at 8/7c. Shenae talks about how she loves everything about the holidays from pumpkin spiced lattes to all the potlucks she goes to. The actress points out that she loved filming this movie in Canada and even invited her six-year old sister to the set, where she got to meet Santa from the movie!
Don't miss "Christmas Incorporated," premiering November 15th, 8/7c on Hallmark Channel

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Yukon Gold Potatoes - Home & Family

Cristina Ferrare cooks up her grandmother's recipe for Smashed Yukon Golden Potatoes.

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina is joined in the kitchen via Skype with Catherine Cassidy, Editor-in-Chief of Taste of Home Magazine to make her famous Smashed Yukon Gold Potatoes. Catherine loves the recipe from Cristina because it is so flavorful and so easy to make. This recipe originally came from Cristina’s grandmother and described as the perfect Thanksgiving addition.

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Vintage Styles

Debbie Matenopoulos talks about how vintage looks are beginning to come back into style. She says you cannot go wrong in fashion, from fringe to swing skirts, you can find it all! She then hosts a fashion show with Sophie Uliano, Tanya Memme and Kristin Smith to demonstrate some of today’s hottest vintage looks.

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Welcome Wagon - Home & Family

Ken Wingard shows you a creative way to use those leftover Halloween pumpkins.

Welcome Wagon

Ken Wingard has a great idea for recycling your pumpkins after Halloween and it involves making your own welcome wagon. If you don’t have a wagon around, you can use an old wheelbarrow. He also advises you to coordinate your colors, either traditional oranges, or trendsetting whites and greens. When it comes to filler, feel free to use old burlap to stick to the theme.

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Hudson Yang Interview

Hudson Yang talks about his comedy series, “Fresh Off the Boat” and opens up about it being his first acting role. He said he would have never landed the role without the support of his parents. Hudson brings a clip from the recent Halloween episode, which dealt with the subject of bullying. After his interview, the actor shows Mark and Cristina how do the “WOP” dance.

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Best Tech for a Good Night’s Sleep

Kurt the Cyber Guy is back with a whole new list of tech items that will help you get a better night’s sleep. From a sleep sensor monitor to light bulbs that dim, find out how you can easily sleep through the whole night.

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Vegan Carrot Cake - Home & Family

Chef Lisa Oz offeres up a delicious vegan recipe for her Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting.

Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting

Chef Lisa Oz is in the kitchen baking up a delicious vegan carrot cake with cashew frosting. Lisa says the secret is throwing in some cooked carrots, after pureeing them. It adds moistness to the cake without butter or eggs. She also recommends soaking the cashews for 2-4 hours before using in the recipe.

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Stacked Wire Bangles - Home & Family

Tanya Memme shows you how to save money by making stylish bracelets at home.

DIY Stacked Wire Bangles

Tanya Memme is here to keep you in fashion and stay within your budget by making stacked wire bangles for your wrists. If you decide to buy these bracelets at retail, they can cost you up to $105, but if you make your own it will cost you as little ten dollars!

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DIY Wax Wraps

Sophie Uliano shows you how to make your very own wax wraps, which are used to store your food. The wraps are used as bowl covers or sandwich holders. You can even sew little buttons to the wraps to use for presents. When it comes to washing, keep in mind that wax doesn’t melt, so run under cold water.

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“Mommy Smart” Traveling Items

Kristin Smith is here to tell you about some of the latest items that new moms will love when comes to traveling. She introduces Debbie to a highchair you can easily transport and even a compact bed that kids will love!

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