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Tanya Memme's Tips on Picking the Perfect Paint

Tanya Memme's Tips on Picking the Perfect Paint
  • Flat Sheens provide a smooth, elegant finish and offer depth and warmth.
  • Glossy Sheens brighten rooms – ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Latex Paints resist cracking and have a greater durability.
  • Oil Based paints grip well to the surface and can layer over old coats of paint
  • Milk Paint is a more organic paint that gives an antique look.
  • Chalk Paint is the most durable of the specialty paints. it is ideal for furniture.
  • Clay Paint is ideal for indoor, absorbant surfaces and gives a smooth, matte finish. It is a more earthy tone in its natural form

Paint Styles with Tanya Memme

Tanya Memme shows how to select the perfect type of paint for your home renovations!

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