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Monica Potter's Valentine's Day Treats
 Monica Potter's Valentine's Day Treats

#1 – Rose Sugar
• Combine 1 cup of dried rose petals wit 1 ½ cups of sugar and 1 tsp rose extract
• Blend it with a food processor • Sprinkle sugar onto cupcakes Tip: store rose sugar in sealed container, freeze for longer storage.

#2 –Sugared Rose Petals
• Remove petals from bud, dispose of the lighter part.
• Clean & trim. • Arrange on wax lined cookie sheet. • Whisk egg whites and brush on each petal. • Sprinkle with sugar, let sit for 1 min. • Turn each petal over, tap excess sugar off. • Let them dry. • Decorate on top of ice cream. #3 –Rose Petals In Ice Cubes
• Put a sugared rose petal in each block of ice cube tray.
• Use for lemonade.

Monica Potter's Valentine's Day Treats

"Parenthood" actress Monica Potter turns rose petals into edible Valentine's Day treats.

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