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Ken Wingard's DIY Jasmine Heart Topiary
Ken Wingard's DIY Jasmine Heart Topiary
  • Terra Cotta Pot - 6" diameter
  • Potted Star Jasmine - it's very important that is has a few long trailing branches
  • Joint Compound
  • Metal or plastic compound spreader
  • Dark wood stain
  • Potting soil
  • Metal coat hanger
  • Pliers
  • Small piece of cardboard
  • Spray adhesive

- Cut heart shape out of cardboard and affix to pot with spray adhesive.
- Using spreader, apply joint compound to terra cotta pot randomly, covering edges of heart, let dry. - Remove heart. - Apply stain to antique pot. - Rub pot with soil to further antique. - Undo wire hangar. - Reshape into heart with several inches of extra wire coming off of the bottom of the heart. - Position heart in pot with two ends at bottom of pot and fill with soil. - Plant jasmine in pot, trimming all but a few of the longest branches. - Wrap the longer branches around the heart shape, affixing with string if necessary.