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Ken Wingard's DIY Customized Plant Stand

Ken Wingard's DIY Customized Plant Stand
  • 2 2X4's 24" long
  • 2 2x4's 48" long
  • 2 2x4’s 37 ½" long
  • 1 1x12 44" long
  • 2 7x5" brackets
  • 2 9x11" brackets
  • ¼x½" trim that's 48" long
  • Decorative Hook
  • 12" square of plywood

Ken Wingard’s DIY Plant Stand - Home & Family

DIY expert Ken Wingard show how to make a customized stand that’s perfect for showcasing plants. Ken’s craft is budget friendly while capturing the Cape Cod style of outdoor furniture.
  1. Build out frame of plant stand by creating a rectangular frame from 2x4’s.
  2. Add frame to base with nail gun.
  3. Attach decorative brackets to the base and top of frame.
  4. Install your decorative hook in the center of the frame.
  5. Create custom sign on 12” square of plywood and place between the decorative brackets on top.
  6. Bang your decorative plant.

Make sure you visit Ken Wingard at: http://www.kennethwingard.com

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