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How to Put Your Best Selfie Forward with Kym Douglas

How to Put Your Best Selfie Forward with Kym Douglas

Downward angles should be avoided at all costs! Watch out for straight-on angles, as they can make you appear wider.

ALWAYS hold your camera above eye level! Looking up creates a much more slenderizing angle, whereas looking down can create unwanted creases and even maybe a double chin! Also, shots taken from above can highlight shadows and make you appear slimmer. Another sure fire way to minimize double chin exposure: hold the camera horizontally and tilt it downward 45°! You will look so much slimmer! Position so light shines toward you! You want natural light coming at you, not behind you. Look for an extra boost from a window! Never take pictures under a fluorescent light because it makes skin look sallow. Take a look at Debbie's selfie right here. Also, avoid using the flash because it can flatten your features. For perfectly coiffed selfies, use "The Selfie Brush," an iPhone holder/paddle brush, available at selfiebrush.com for $19.99.

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